Old Red English Bulldogs Association, Inc.

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How can BSL, PETA, HSUS, ISPEAKINC and Other Lying Animal Rights can murder more dogs then get way with it ? This is also animal cruelty. We need your Help to Stop these people banning Breeds because they are different then other breeds. They are hating all type of Real APBTS, PIT BULLS, PIT TERRIERS, PITS, AMSTAFFS,  PIT BULL MIX and BULLIES Breeds. We need to join as one stop these people from doing this. It is not the breed problem it is Owners and Breeders are doing wrong with these dogs.




ORBAInc. is a Non Profit Dog Business. Your donations get us to the doorstep of an abuser's house and closer to getting an animal out of a neglectful or abusive situation.


With your financial support, we will never stop in the fight against abuse and neglect. Hopefully, there will be a day when there is no need for  OREBAInc. However, until that day comes, we will be right here defending those who can't defend themselves.


Please view and choose from the options below to make your donation.


Thank you for your generosity. – The OREBA Inc. Family


There are 4 ways to donate.


1. By Mail

Please send your Donation to:
Old Red English Bulldogs Association Inc.
PO BOX 1680

Moncks Corner, SC 29461



2. Donate an unwanted vehicle

Help OREBA Inc. save pets lives! You Also can Donate your unwanted cars, trucks and  campers

Motorcycles, ATV's, RV's/Campers, Utility & Cargo Trailers, Small Aircraft, Boats/Watercraft, Golf Carts and more!


3. Donate your  Old and New Cell Phones and IPAD to us. We need all your help supporting OREBA INC. Thanks. If you call us we will pick them up.





4. You can Donate Button below