Old Red English Bulldogs Association, Inc.

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The OREBA Registry and Rescue is a not-for-profit association dedicated to the love and safety of all canine breeds. We are a young agency working diligently to enhance our development as a proprietary entity in the animal care industry. We are avid animal lovers who are trained and skilled in optimal pet care and strive to ensure the well being of all animals.
Our OREBA Registry Kennel Clubs Inc provides professional registration of your pet and its’ pedigree. We validate that your animal is of it’s own distinguished breed. OREBA REGISTRY KENNEL CLUBS is to help support of building the OREBA Rescue Shelters.
Our OREBA Rescue Network Groups Inc. Mission is a gracious effort to help abandoned and stray canines as well as assist owners who no longer can adequately care for their pets. We are available 24 hours a day to rescue these less fortunate animals.
Our Hard Dog Weight Pulling Association Inc is Dog Weight Pulling Club trying to help Breeders, Family and Dogs to do a fun sport with there dogs. HDWPA is Organize under the OREBA Inc. It was to made up also to support the OREBA Inc in there needs in running the Non Profit Business. It also it was for stop lying Animal Right People from taking your Human rights and also rail road innocent dog lovers in jail for lying case of Animal abuse. Watch out for BSL, PETA, HSUS, ISPEAK These people Kill, Do Fraud cases and destroying people love of there Animals as killed them for BS. These People don't save them.
Our Soon To Be Prison Dog Training program provides companionship, an encouraging boost to morale, expert training and preparation for employment upon release for non-violent convicts. We also rally efforts for today’s youth. We provide a safe outlet for the young to “beat” the streets and channel their high energy into constructive activities with our structured animal care youth training program.
Our Kids That Training Dogs program this is to get young people off the street and learn animals. This is also for stop these Drug dealers from taking our young people doing crime. This for young people to beat the bad street all around USA.
All around OREBA offers fulfilling and positive interaction between animals, particularly canines and humans. We enhance the love and reveal the genuine benefits of the owner/pet relationship.
The OREBA is aware of the infractions against honest and law-abiding pet owners who have been characterized as animal abusers by a few zealous animal rights organizations. Many of these alleged animal rights advocates seek their own gain and serve their own agendas. It is ironic as well as oxy moronic to allege to promote the rights of vulnerable animals, particularly canines and order the senseless killing of many of the breeds they confiscate from often falsely accused owners.
That is why at the OREBA we are working to expose false animal rights manipulators and perpetrators who prey on innocent animal lovers and seek to exterminate certain canine breeds. We know that not all animal rights advocates are the same. We have however witnessed entrapments of innocent pet lovers by such political lobbyists. Many who seek personal fame and gain rather than the true safety of animals. Cases in particular, are BSL, PETA, HSUS, ISPEAK Inc and a lot more. Who have used unethical ensnarement and entrapment practices to deceive the innocent.
We need your help to prevent criminalization and victimization of those who love all breeds. We need help to ensure that your civil rights, constitutional rights and human rights are not further violated. We are here to help breeders and other dog lovers to safely enjoy their breeds and understand the unwarranted and subtle campaigns of false animal rights advocates. Join us in this effort. Help us fight the lies, hypocrisy and victimizing tactics used by these self consumed individuals.

Your responsible tax deductible contribution(s) will help keep beloved breeds alive. Send all donations to P.O. Box 1680, Moncks Corner, SC 29461. Your support may protect you from becoming the next victim of entrapment and defamation of character. OREBA needs your contributions to retain competent legal advisers and to lobby for an appropriate well rounded understanding of the working canine and its’ owner.
Follow and support OREBA Inc.
We are currently running a fundraising drive to retrieve old and used cell phones in fair condition. These phones are recycled back to suppliers who will donate funds to the OREBA.
We are seeking supportive contributions and donations to help develop and grow this canine loyal organization.
We Brought This OREBA in 2006 so to all the morons and idiots assuming lies and hate us thanks for the hate. The OREBA is under new people. Get this to your small yellow bus heads.